Here are our members, in alphabetical order…

Paul Butler is most well-known for his work on visualization Facebook friendship. He occasionally blogs and is on twitter, and is currently doing an internship in New York.

Jimmy He studies nanotech engineering, and is interested in applying statistical techniques to solve real world problems.

Samson Hu is the president of the Statistics Club at Waterloo. He is interested in prediction and data visualization and maintains a personal blog and a data blog.

Jeeyoung Kim comes from the computer science side, and have worked with big data and natural language data.

Diran Li is interested in combining statistics with security and privacy. He is currently an apprentice in both fields.

Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski is interested in both data and entrepreneurship. He worked with Nuance Communications improving processes using data mining and data visualization. He can be found on twitter and linkedin.

David Ma has interests ranging from finance to machine learning and predictive analysis. He is currently on co-op in Toronto. He has a blog.

Nick Yuan is a statistics student at the University of Waterloo and is very active in the Statistics Club.

Lisa Zhang is interested in telling stories using data mining and data visualization. She worked for two terms on the Data Science team at Facebook, and keeps a data blog and a personal blog.

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